So.. Today is the super bowl, and my brother and I got invited to go over to my friends house for a party he's throwing, it's going to be the awesomest super bowl party ever. and be sure to check out my youtube account, new videos being uploaded daily :]


It's Been a long time since we talked you guys, and throughout this " period " ive hd a lot going on, like just yesterday we got back from my cousins house in Nevada City, there was snow everywhere, it was so awesome!, well yall hit me up on Myspace, kk.


Ok, ALOT has been going on, sorry I haven't been updating my website, just been super busy, and I haven;t been able to get to a computer, but I'm using my school computer now. As you guys probably know, the chocolate remix video came out two days ago, and It is awesome, if you want to see it, go on Youtube type in " chocolate remix nicholas13579 " and itll show a video by nicholas13579 [me] and the music vid, is in the video response. But yeah, Im going to be updating this aot more, [hopefully thi weekend] but yeah, talk to you guys later


Coming soon to Youtube
In January look for the New Resident Evil 4 movie on a new youtube account I'm going to be making.
And also look for The Scream Movie
and We are talking about making Scary Movie 1
and By the way, these movies wont be on for a while, but Im just letting you people know.

::UPDATE:: these vids will not be on youtube because of parent problems, so sorry for the inconvenience.


Starts tomorrow and I'm so nervous, not because of school , but because of my classes, I'm gonna have to do really well this year and not goof off if I wanna go into the 11th grade next year, anyways I uploaded two new song to the mp3 section [ A new Game remix and The Official Remix of Chocolate, I couldn't wait till Jake put the video up, I had to put the Mp3 up, and I put a couple of new videos on Youtube up [A vid of our house being rebuilt, and the video for my new Game remix ] Well, talk to you guys later. :]





Just Uploaded an Awesome Remix Of The Game's My Life featuring Lil Wayne, It is so awesome to me, you should check it out! Im still making new music so keep posted.

But yeah, anyways my day was good, I mainly just hung out with my friends all day, and my moms new laptop came in today, so Matt and I get to have my moms old one once she gets everything transfered from her old one to her new one, I'm so excited.


Ive Been really busy for the last couple of days, like two days ago I started the remix of chocolate and now like 8 trakcs of different chocolate versions and a movie at the theatres and videos and music later, equals total tiredness, but its all worth it when Jake [ImaginationsVideo] releases the remix video I will than be able to release the awesome mighty of Chocolate [Official Remix] MP3 with a couple of different surprise MP3's so stay tuned, to my Youtube. Well, Im off to bed, Goodnite! :]


Ok, so today [the date above] I did a lot like go to my friends Evan's grandmas house to go swimmng, it was fun until my eyes started to burn and my toes were getting numb, but yeah, it was really fun.. and like an hour ago, i helped my
dad make a video in windows movie maker, with pictures, transitions, and two songs, he was like " OMG, dude, your great at this " and I was like " Yeah, I know. " Haha, and yeah, he loved it and thats where i am now, writing this becuase Im bored and have no life :] Ohh! I have a new girlfriend, her name is " @&%(# " and she is amazing, I love you " @&%(# " !!!!! and Yeah, be back soon to write more about me boring life. :]


Ok, so my day was alright, except I woke up at eleven AGAIN, and now im getting really upset mainly because im wasting like 3 - 4 hours of my day [I normally wake up at like 7 or A.M] And this is like the 3rd day in a row, hopefully tomorrow I wont wake up that late..

Anyways, today was the Avid BBQ, but Matt and I didnt want to go, Matt didnt want to go, mainly because well, hes Matt, he wants to play video games, and I didnt want to go because I had " Things " to do, I cant way those things because If I do I will get in trouble, so Hush! :]

Anyways, my friend Marty is supposed to be buying my Aiptek HD camera,  but hes kinda tight on money right now, he said He would give me a call when he makes up his mind, but yeah, if any of my friends that go to school with me want to buy my 4GB Green Ipod or my regular Aiptek MPVR, It records in DVD format and the graphics are pretty good, for that preice, and speaking of the price i dont know how much I will be selling them for, anyways, Im getting WAY off topic HAHA! So yeah, Ill talk to you peoples later, and hey give me a shout out, most of you know my cell, so yeah, send me a txt or call me, Until Later, Byee!


Ok, So Today,  woke up at like 11:45 a.m, which is insane for me because I always wake up hecka early, the reason I woke up late was because I was on blogtv chatting with my friends until 3:30 in the morning! Anyways Like 5 minutes after I woke up i started cleaning because I wanted to use my dad computer and once that was done, it was computer time! LOL!! Than at like 4  O' Clock [yes I was on that long] I went over to my friends house we were planning on making a video to put on to see if they would put it on Icarly, but it got messed up and we decided not to do it, and we just kind of sat at my friends Evan's house for like a half hour and I was playing music, and played music that had cuss words and there were little kids around and Evans mom got mad not like mad but like SUPER MAD. We were supposed to go bowling with them but instead, she just left me and my brother with everyone else, it was very upsetting because I wanted to go and the fact that I did something when I should not have, anyways I am logging off now, so stay tuned because Im going to be posting a lot more. Byee!