Ok, so my day was alright, except I woke up at eleven AGAIN, and now im getting really upset mainly because im wasting like 3 - 4 hours of my day [I normally wake up at like 7 or A.M] And this is like the 3rd day in a row, hopefully tomorrow I wont wake up that late..

Anyways, today was the Avid BBQ, but Matt and I didnt want to go, Matt didnt want to go, mainly because well, hes Matt, he wants to play video games, and I didnt want to go because I had " Things " to do, I cant way those things because If I do I will get in trouble, so Hush! :]

Anyways, my friend Marty is supposed to be buying my Aiptek HD camera,  but hes kinda tight on money right now, he said He would give me a call when he makes up his mind, but yeah, if any of my friends that go to school with me want to buy my 4GB Green Ipod or my regular Aiptek MPVR, It records in DVD format and the graphics are pretty good, for that preice, and speaking of the price i dont know how much I will be selling them for, anyways, Im getting WAY off topic HAHA! So yeah, Ill talk to you peoples later, and hey give me a shout out, most of you know my cell, so yeah, send me a txt or call me, Until Later, Byee!

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