Ok, So Today,  woke up at like 11:45 a.m, which is insane for me because I always wake up hecka early, the reason I woke up late was because I was on blogtv chatting with my friends until 3:30 in the morning! Anyways Like 5 minutes after I woke up i started cleaning because I wanted to use my dad computer and once that was done, it was computer time! LOL!! Than at like 4  O' Clock [yes I was on that long] I went over to my friends house we were planning on making a video to put on Icarly.com to see if they would put it on Icarly, but it got messed up and we decided not to do it, and we just kind of sat at my friends Evan's house for like a half hour and I was playing music, and played music that had cuss words and there were little kids around and Evans mom got mad not like mad but like SUPER MAD. We were supposed to go bowling with them but instead, she just left me and my brother with everyone else, it was very upsetting because I wanted to go and the fact that I did something when I should not have, anyways I am logging off now, so stay tuned because Im going to be posting a lot more. Byee!

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